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When thinking about ways to elevate your bathroom space, the addition of a stylish Stone Basin might not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, the right basin can make a real impact on the aesthetic of your bathroom. Whether you are looking for a sleek and sophisticated classic, or a bold, contemporary basin, we have a comprehensive range here at Lusso Stone.


Stone Resin Basins beautifully complement our freestanding stone baths and likewise involve similar aftercare and construction techniques. Stone basins are popular amongst grand five star hotels and gleaming spa-like bathrooms, elevating any interior and perfectly blending with sheer luxe. Expertly crafted from composite stone to create a long lasting, durable and hard wearing surface that will last a lifetime. The natural stone is combined with superior performance resin to create this masterpiece material.


Choosing the correct basin for your bathroom interior may be a difficult decision. Countertop Basins are a classic design that fits perfectly with a minimal, contemporary space, but are also practical and versatile. Whereas wall hung basins are typically crafted in a rectangular silhouette in order to sit and function correctly, though they offer a deep, large space with single or double silhouettes. We also offer a selection of Freestanding Basins that can beautifully take place as the focal point of any luxury bathroom. Although the cylinder shape takes up more space, it’s a completely unique look. 
Counter Top Basins
Wall Hung Basins
Freestanding Basins

Not only does stone resin material add an instant luxury aesthetic, it’s superior in performance and quality. Our elegant stone basins are designed to last a lifetime, whether that be wall hung or countertop styles. We offer a wide selection for every luxury bathroom, from its shape to its finish. Stone basins display ultimate hotel luxury in your own home thanks to the immaculate surface and construction. We also offer a bespoke service if there’s a specific shape or design that fits your interior. 


Renewable and durable, our stone resin material is designed to withstand wear and tear. The basin retains heat incredibly well and does not absorb water making it more resistant to damage and stains. If scratches appear, this can easily be resolved with simple cleaning and buffing. Our luxury stone basins are crafted from the highest quality and seamlessly jointed to prevent mildew and bacteria growth. 


There are many reasons to invest in a stone resin basin, to make the decision easier for you we’ve rounded up our top points:

• The composite stone resin that is used to construct our basins is solid, durable and tactile, designed to last a lifetime following the correct aftercare.

• Stone material exceeds other materials such as acrylic, as it has a radiant finish and is harder to scratch, damage and discolour.

Cleaning and caring for your stone resin basin is simple and easy to maintain yourself. There is a versatile selection of shapes and designs to choose from suited to all bathroom types.

• Stone resin is a non-porous surface, adding extra peace of mind for you and your family as it allows nothing to flow through the material, including the setting in of bacteria.


We offer a number of delivery options at Lusso Stone, so shipping timescales will be dependent on the option you choose and the products you have purchased. You can track the status of your order as it progresses at lussostone.com/orders. It may take up to 48 hours from confirmation for your order to become active.


If you require made to measure bathroom products, we can provide items matching your specifications. For more info on our bespoke service, please send a message through our contact form or speak to one of our expert advisors on 0203 370 4057 or email at info@lussostone.com with details of your bathroom project.


All of our basins can be made with a matte or polished finish to tie into any bathroom design. They can be paired with our luxury stone baths and accessories to create the ultimate display of hotel luxury.

Stone Baths



  • Before you even place your order, be sure to refer to the sizing information on the PDF download of your product. 

  • We are not an installation company – you will need to source a fully qualified fitting company.

  • Be sure to measure your bathroom thoroughly before placing your order to ensure your product will fit. Measure twice, install once!

  • Taps are not included with our baths and basins, this allows the customer to choose their preferred style. You can peruse our immaculate range of taps on our website.

  • We recommend that you wait until your product has arrived safely before booking in your installation.





Our smooth, strong and durable stone resin is a beautiful material for your bathroom and providing you care for it appropriately, your stone basin will last you for a lifetime. 

It’s preferred for your stone basin to be cleaned at least once a month and immediately after use to avoid stains and to maintain the smooth, gleaming surface. To prevent residue and soap scum building on the surface you should rinse and dry the basin with a clean towel. If tough stains and dirt appear, the basin will need a deeper clean with warm soapy water and normal surface cleaners. Depending on the finish of your basin - matte or polished - it is possible to remove deep scratches. A professional stone mason is required for polished basins and matte basins can easily be repaired with a sandpaper pad. 


As stone resin is a renewable material, minor scratches and damage can be removed by following a few simple steps:

  • Use a fine-grit sanding pad (approximately 400-600 grit) to begin removing the scratch. 

  • Rub the scratch in a straight motion, not circular, and switch direction every so often.

  • Ensure the entire scratch is removed and shape to match the surrounding area.

  • Clean the surface with water.


To minimise dust during this process, wet the surface and rinse periodically to clean up residue.


Our stone basins can be used to create an appeal of luxe in an interior, and whether you choose a freestanding basin, wall hung or a countertop basin, it’s an undeniable way to elevate your space. Browse the Lusso collection of stone basins here and check out brassware range for the perfect accompanying taps and accessories.





Basin Wastes


 Our basin wastes are essential components and are available in a selection of matte and polished textures with a range of tones to suit your Lusso basin.


Bottle Traps

A bottle trap is an essential element of any bathroom, and at Lusso, we ensure luxury standards in both appearance and quality. Our bottle traps are available in a selection of shapes and our beautiful brassware finishes.


Stone Cleaner

This product will automatically enhance and refresh the look of your product in one simple operation, and given the correct aftercare, your Lusso Stone product should last you many years to come.


Q: How do you clean a stone basin? 

A: We recommend your stone basin should be cleaned regularly with warm soapy water and dried with a soft cloth.

Q: Are stone basins durable? 

A: Yes, stone resin is a high quality blend of pure white limestone and superior performance resin that ensures durability.

Q: How long does a stone basin last?

A: Our stone basins are designed to last a lifetime, testament to this they come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Q: Are taps included with basins?

A: No, we have a separate collection of bathroom taps in a range of signature finishes that beautifully complement our basins.

Q: Do I need extra parts for my basin? 

A: A slotted or unslotted waste is essential. These can be purchased separately on our website in our signature coloured finishes to complement your basin. Read our product descriptions for further information on which waste your basin requires. 

Q: I have a free flowing basin, can I still fill it up?

A: Yes, all you need to do is remove the tile cover and re-attach the basin waste cover. 


Q: Why is my tile cover not sitting straight?

A: The basins are designed to be free flowing which means the top cover of the waste is not needed. Once this is removed the tile cover will sit and the basin will function as a free flowing basin.