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Our Deco Collection infuses traditional style with a contemporary aesthetic inspired by the 1920s Art Deco movement. This iconic style is renowned for its extravagance, glamorous symmetry and geometry designs synonymous with the roaring 1920s. The timeless and unique collection consists of Cast Iron Baths, Traditional Vanity Units and Polished Nickel Brassware; perfect for traditional interiors and period homes that embrace history.


Our Deco collection consists of traditional style vanity units, cast iron baths and polished nickel brassware that all create a timeless look and a touch of classic glamour to your space. 

Cast Iron Baths
Traditional Vanity Units 
Polished Nickel Brassware
Berkley Rimless Toilets

Art Deco is one of the most admired and easily recongisable art movements thanks to its distinctive style, defined by geometric shapes and strong linear patterns. The traditional style inherits luxuriousness accentuated by the use of silver, crystal, ivory, jade and lacquer. Developed in the 1920s, it continues to influence artists, architects and designers across the world. The intention was to create a sleek, traditional elegance that symbolised wealth and sophistication. The Art Deco style originated in France in the 1910s, it came to life during the Internationale des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels Modernes held in Paris in 1925. This developed into a major trend in western Europe during the 1930s. Although this interior trend faded during the 1940s, by the late 1960s there was a renewed interest and this followed through to the 21st century with interior, fashion and decorative art taking inspiration from the Art Deco movement. 


Our Deco collection consists of cast iron baths, polished nickel brassware and wooden vanity units topped with the beautiful Carrara marble. All products are expertly crafted in house with superior quality and luxury materials including FSC certified wood, solid steel and durable iron. Testament to our exceptional high-standards, the quality of our products ensure durability and strength that will last a lifetime.

Cast Iron
Wood Cabinet Vanity Units

Traditional interiors are classic and appealing, the versatile interior works beautifully with almost all colour schemes. To set a base, it’s best to incorporate minimal colours such as our selection of white, stone and cream. These neutral tones are perfect for traditional interiors, as they can be beautifully paired with a wide range of colours including blue, red and brown, often seen in traditional styled homes. Neutrals are also prevalent to showcase artwork and antique accessories, which is why our matte finishes are perfect to enhance your traditional space.

Matte White
Matte Stone
Matte Cream

Complete your traditional-inspired bathroom or ensuite with our recommended essentials.


Polished Nickel Accessories

Our Eton Polished Nickel accessories are the perfect counterpart for our traditional Deco range, offering luxury bathroom accessories with a radiant polished nickel sheen. Choose from towel rails, towel bars, shower storage baskets and tumblers - the perfect partners for our Eton brassware.


Polished Nickel Basin Wastes

Designed to work cohesively with our accessories, furniture knobs and brassware that boasts the same stunning polished nickel finish, our Deco basin wastes make the perfect companion for our traditional vanity units with built-in basins. Choose from slotted or unslotted to suit the style of waste your basin requires.


Eton Polished Nickel Furniture Knobs

Our furniture knobs are the ideal choice for creating a luxury cohesive theme in the home. The rounded cabinet knobs look great styled with our Deco traditional vanity units, especially when paired with taps of the same gleaming finish. 


Polished Nickel Bath Waste Kits

Beautifully fitting the theme of Art Deco, even our waste kits come in the exclusive polished nickel finish. Designed to exude the warm regality as the rest of its range, the polished nickel bath waste kit will effortlessly enhance the appeal of your cast iron roll top bath while serving its purpose. 


Below, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions on our Deco collection. 

Q: Can my cast iron bath be restored?

A: Yes, a specialist is able to grind away the damaged surface and polish the enamel coating back to its original shine and colour. 


Q: What is the difference between polished nickel and chrome?

A: Polished nickel has a warm, rich tone and is associated with traditional silver, whereas chrome is typically colder with a blue hue and gives off a radiant surface. 


Q: Is polished nickel high maintenance? 

A:  Polished nickel should be cleaned every day to prevent dirt and stains building up. 


Our Deco Collection is the perfect choice for traditional homes or interiors that want to add a hint of personality. The stunning designs showcase iconic history and elegant grandeur, whether it be cast iron baths, vanity units or polished nickel brassware. Explore our Deco collection here