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There's no need to wait for the kettle with our Filtrata Boiling Water Tap that offers boiling water in an instant, and with 4 in 1 technology, the premium kitchen tap also offers filtered water as well as standard hot and cold - all from one single spout. 


Available in two styles and three luxury brassware finishes, our Filtrata boiling water tap is aesthetically pleasing as well as highly convenient. The incredibly engineered design offers instant boiling water, filtered water, and standard hot and cold water from one single spout, eliminating the need for a kettle while saving you money on buying bottled water.


Instant fresh filtered water - Negate the need for purchasing bottled water with our fresh filtered cold water option, allowing you chilled filtered water from one simple turn of the lever.  

Instant boiling water - There’s no need to wait for the kettle to boil as our safe to use, boiling water option is available in seconds. 

Standard hot and cold water - The 4 in 1 technology ensures that not only do you have access to filtered boiling and chilled water, you also have access to regular hot and cold water, all from one single spout. 

Economical - The Filtrata costs as little as 3 pence per day to operate.

Efficient - Due to its low cost of operation, with constant pressure and temperature maintained, the Filtrata is high in efficiency.

2.4 litre capacity - Our high-technology tap dispenses fresh boiling water on demand, and thanks to its innovative boiler, it allows you to store 2.4 litres of water heated at near-boiling temperature all day.

Space-saving - the Filtrata, operative from one single spout, not only saves space on your kitchen countertops where your kettle would be but also frees up space in your fridge where you would store your bottled water.

The Filtrata 
The Filtrata 101 

The boiling water tap market has increasingly grown thanks to the birth of the pandemic. Kitchens transformed into home offices which made consumers realise the value of an instant hot water tap. According to research, 1 in 5 new kitchens installed over the past two years included a boiling water tap. Four-in-one technology and filtered water are highly desirable bringing ease, convenience and efficiency to your space. 


Exclusive to Lusso, our 4 in 1 Filtrata Boiling Water Tap provides four different temperatures at the push of a button giving you freshly filtered boiling water, filtered cold water, and standard hot and cold water in an instant. Built with a fully insulated 360-degree spout and childproof lever which means it’s always cool to touch providing extra safety for children. Luxury knurled detailing elevates the aesthetic of our Filtrata inspired by the gold standard motoring brand, Bentley. It also provides practicality with enhanced gripping opposed to a smooth metal surface. Finished in one of our three signature colourways of brushed gold, matte black or brushed stainless. 


Similar to our Filtrata Tap, Quooker was the very first boiling water tap in the world. They have a selection of styles that all perform different functions including the Quooker Fusion which allows flow of cold, hot and boiling water from one tap. However, unlimited filtered cold water is not built in this system, but is an option to purchase separately. Similar to the Filtrata, the Fusion tap is available in a square or round spout and comes in five different finishes including gold, black and stainless steel parallel to Lusso’s collection.

Filtrata 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap (15 × 15cm) (15 × 19cm) (15 × 20cm).png

Our ingenious Filtrata is designed for convenience in the home, allowing you access to instant hot water, filtered cold and standard water and to ensure that you enjoy use of your boiling water tap for many years to come, you should follow the correct procedures with maintenance and care. Below we have listed multiple ways in which you can care for your hot water tap. For more information, read our Filtrata FAQ's.


To receive maximum quality and longevity out of your Filtrata tap, we recommend that you mark the date that your tap is installed and within every 6-12 months (we recommend every six months) that you should change the filter. See our recommended essentials below to shop the Lusso Extra Filter. 


Removes limescale, magnesium and particles 


Removes lead, protozoan cysts and organic compound

Reduces chlorine taste 

Reduces sediment to 1 micron 


Step 1. Firstly, you should isolate the water supply. 

Step 2. Turn the power off to the boiler. 

Step 3. Place a bowl under the filter and turn it clockwise to release it. 

Step 4. Dispose of the filter and replace it with the new one. 

Step 5. Turn on the water supply and power.



As with all of our brassware, care should be taken so that your taps remain clean and radiant for as long as possible. As the Filtrata is a high-quality product, it should be treat with care as surfaces will wear if they are not cleaned correctly.


To do this, you should use a non-abrasive cleaner - such as a soft cloth - with warm water and washing up liquid. Abrasive cleanders such as Cif will stretch the surface.


Extra Filter

The Lusso Extra Filter is a carbon filter that should be replaced every six months in order to protect your tank from limescale build up. The extra filter is essential to ensure that you remove limescale, magnesium and particles as well as lead, protozoan, cysts and organic compounds.

Lusso Refillable Glass Water Bottle

Great for on-the-go or for at-home use, the Lusso glass drinking bottle is the perfect plastic alternative, demonstrating how to eliminate single-use plastics with an eco-friendly reusable glass bottle. This bottle is great for using with our signature Filtrata tap to dispense filtered cold water for on the go. 


Our customer service representative David has answered some of the frequently asked questions on our Filtrata 4 in 1 Boiling Water Taps. 

Q: How do you install the Filtrata?

A: For an installation guide and tips, please see this link.

Q: Is the Filtrata childproof? 

A: Our Filtrata tap contains a childproof safety lever to ensure that no accidents occur, giving you added peace of mind.

Q: How does the Filtrata function?

A: The Filtrata tap functions are as follows: Right hand lever - side pull 40 degrees either way for standard hot and cold water. Right hand lever - pull 90 degrees forward for filtered cold water. Left hand lever - press in button and turn for instant boiling water.

Q: What size is the Filtrata boiler?

A: Please see this link for a drawing with measurements.

Q: How large is the filter on a Filtrata tap?

A: The Length is 30.5cm and the diameter is 6.28cm.

Q: What is the power rating of the Filtrata tap? 

A: The power rating of the Filtrata is 1.5kW

Q: What is the maximum hot water temperature?
A: The maximum boiler temperature is 100°C with a hot water flow of 98°C.