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The need for luxury should never lessen the need for quality, which is why our hardware collection has been crafted with both aesthetic and longevity in mind. Including our Door Handles, Cabinet Knobs and Pull Bars, each piece of hardware has been designed with meticulous attention to detail and is available in three signature finishes - Brushed Gold, Matte Black and Brushed Stainless.

Choose from our Dali Collection that adopts traditional fluted grooves - a predominant detail of Greek architecture - or explore our Luxe Range that employs expert machine knurling - a feature that’s commonplace within the luxury motor industry.

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Built from solid stainless steel, our hardware is exceptionally tactile and is crafted to provide a high-end flawless finish for the home. Available in pairs, packs of five or packs of ten, Lusso door furniture enables cohesive styling throughout the home and in the same luxurious brassware finishes as our taps and accessories, the door handles are the perfect accompaniment. Choose from the vertical grooves of our Dali collection or the Bentley-inspired knurling of our Luxe range.


Our furniture knobs, although small in size, are testaments that minor details should never eclipse quality. Suitable for all major cabinets, our cabinet knobs can make a large impression to a space, and in three beautiful finishes - Matte Black, Brushed Gold and Brushed Stainless - each will elevate the theme to suit your specific interior style. Our furniture knobs are available as fluted or knurled designs.

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The Lusso pull bars are the perfect final touch to wardrobe doors, cabinet drawers, kitchen cupboards and almost anything that opens. Designed for ultimate versatility, our pull bars can be installed horizontally or vertically, allowing you complete preference on how the bars are placed. Boasting three beautiful brassware finishes and with two sizes and two incredibly machined finishes, our pull bars will update the interior with a taste of luxury. 

Matte Black
Brushed Stainless
Brushed Gold

Homeowners, hoteliers and interior designers will all be appreciative of minor details that make all the difference, which is why Lusso hardware is no different. From the dedicated design stage through to magnificent machine processes, the hardware is a testament to our high-end establishment. Crafted from solid stainless steel before undergoing coating in our signature brassware finishes, the hardware boasts outstanding attention to detail, from the motor-inspired knurling to expert fluting that was once widespread in Greek architecture.  We’ve rounded up the top reasons to why you should invest in Lusso hardware:

Our hardware is crafted from solid stainless steel, specifically designed to withstand the test of time. 

Our hardware is then coated in one of our signature brassware finishes, designed to create cohesive luxury throughout the home. 

Our hardware can be purchased as single items or can be purchased as a pack of five or ten, great for those looking to create a running theme within the interior. 

Our hardware has been crafted with progressive machinery to achieve the luxury knurled and fluted detailing.

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Tubular Latch for Internal Doors

Designed in conjunction with our door handles, the Lusso tubular latches are finely crafted for high performance and come in the same luxury brassware finishes are our door furniture. 

Door Stops


Our luxury door stops are designed to work beautifully with our cabinet and door furniture. Exploring the same stunning brassware finishes, the door stops come in our two signature styles - knurled and fluted. 


Below, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions on our door furniture and cabinet hardware. If you have any further questions, please get in touch - customerservice@lussostone.com.

Q: Are Lusso handles supplied in pairs?

A: Lusso handles are available in pairs, a pack of five or a pack of ten, ideal for those wanting to replace one door or for those looking to revamp several doors. 


Q: Are Lusso handles supplied with latches/hinges? 

A: Our door handles are not supplied with latches or hinges, these can be purchased separately from Lusso.


Q: How do I clean my door handles and cabinet furniture? 

A: For cleaning and care on our brassware, please see this guide.