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The unrivalled opulence and enduring quality of marble stone is used in the world’s most magnificent architectures. Our Marble Collection is inspired by designs found in luxurious hotels, each unique in detail and crafted with flawless quality. We’ve carefully sourced the finest marbles from across the globe, in beautiful tones that effortlessly enhance a wide range of interior designs.


Available as vanity units, basins and freestanding baths our luxury marble creates an opulent grandeur that mirrors the world's most stunning hotels. The striking designs create a focal point and a mesmerising space that is truly beautiful. 

Marble Vanity Units
Marble Baths
Marble Basins
Marble Taps - The Porto Collection

Extracted in Ancient times, marble is a metamorphic stone that is a result of limestone being subjected to immense amounts of pressure for long periods of time. The crystallised form of limestone is created with beautiful, unique patterns and veins formed in the surface of the earth as the stone cools naturally. This is why each type of marble is completely unique from classic Italian Carrara to smoked Pietra Grey produced in the Middle East, no piece of marble is ever the same. Marble is a softer and more porous rock in comparison to granite and other vanity materials.  These properties give marble natural characteristics and make it visually appealing.


Our unique marble materials are sourced from the world's finest marble. Including smoky dark shades of Iran's Pietra Grey to opulent Italian Calacatta marble in neutral tones. Our selection of marble boasts ultimate luxury and creates a bold statement in any bathroom interior. 

Pietra Grey
Crema Marfil
Hermes Grey
Dark Emperador 
Blue Limestone 

Marble easily absorbs water which means there will be no wet or slippery surface.​

Marble creates an instant opulent appearance and stands as the focal point of your bathroom.

Marble is completely unique, available in a wide range of colours, patterns and styles.

The natural tones of marble create a clean and spacious interior.

Following the correct after care it's easy to maintain and clean.

The porous material means liquids and spillages are easily absorbed.

A regular sealing is essential to ensure absorbed liquids don't cause cracking.

Although marble is heat resistant dangerously high temperatures may result in cracks.

Marble is easily maintained and following the correct care, damage and breakage can be prevented. Due to the surface of marble being porous liquids are easily absorbed. Accidents can easily occur, to prevent this avoid using alcoholic and acidic liquids around your marble product, and never leave bottles on the surface, if essential ensure there is a coaster to protect the marble. After use, dry water from the surface to prevent staining marks. As marble is less heat resistant in comparison to other materials, you should avoid leaving hair appliances on your marble surface, as this could cause deep ring stains. In order to maintain the beauty of your marble, you should clean the surface at least once a week and have it sealed once a year by a specialist.


Protecting and cleaning marble is paramount to its longevity. To ensure you get the most luxurious experience out of marble stone it’s important to follow the correct aftercare. The porous structure of this luxury stone means that it risks being chipped, dulled or stained by cleaning products and techniques.  Liquids can be absorbed into the surface easily due to its porous material so it’s important to tend to any spillage immediately and dry any excess. Deep stains will need to be professionally re-ground and polished, by a specialist. However, marble is easy to clean with mild diluted cleaner and light pressure - avoid scrubbing harshly at the surface. Once finished, wipe the marble dry for a radiant glow. It’s important to get marble vanities, basins and countertops sealed by a trusted, specialist stone sealer at least once a year. This will ensure maximum protection, avoid moisture intrusion and prolong the life of your marble vanity unit. Any large cracks and deep chips that may appear on your marble will risk having to get the marble completely replaced. View our Marble Cleaning and Care Guide here.


Clean with a diluted detergent or a neutral soap solution


Dry water from countertops to avoid the risk of water staining

Clean with a colourless, non-abrasive cloth

Clean at least once a week

Attend to spillage immediately


Avoid using abrasive products such as scourers that could scratch the surface.

Never leave bottles and containers on the surface, as they will leave ring marks.


Don’t kneel, sit or stand on the marble surface as it may result in breakage.

Never use bleach, baking soda or vinegar to clean marble.

Avoid using products that contain acid.


Complete your luxury marble bathroom with our recommended essentials for your marble baths, basins and vanity units. 



Our wastes, available in our signature matte and polished white as well as a variety of brassware finishes, are the perfect option for those wanting to upgrade their marble baths and basins with an enhanced touch of luxury.


Marble Accessories

Finish off the luxury bathroom aesthetic with our marble accessories, including marble trays, soap dishes and tumblers - the perfect way to accessorise your home in signature opulence.


Porto Taps and Showers

The Porto capsule collection incorporates the natural allure of marble and combines it with the tasteful affluence of brushed gold - introducing taps and showers that explore the appeal of both. Match your marble bath, basin or vanity with the Porto range for cohesive luxury. 


Our customer service representative David has answered some of the frequently asked questions on our marble collection.

Q: How do I maintain a marble bathroom?

A: It’s important to clean marble at least once a week. Once you have finished washing you should always dry water from the surface to risk staining. The natural stone should also be sealed periodically to prevent damage. 


Q: Is marble porous?

A: Yes, the porous structure means that it risks being chipped, dulled or stained by cleaning products and techniques. It is also required to be sealed once a year for maximum protection. 


Q: If I stain marble can it be corrected? 

A: You can remove deep-set stains by having the marble professionally re-ground and polished. 


Q: If I order two of the same item, can I expect them to be the same? 

No, marble is a natural stone which means no piece will ever be the same. Colour variations and shades will differ. This is what makes marble completely unique. 


Q: If marble breaks or chips can it be repaired?

A: Independent specialists can restore marks and damage back to its almost original appearance. However, the only long term solution is to replace the marble.


Our marble collection consists of vanity units, basins and baths constructed from the world's finest marble. Each piece is completely unique and is designed to enhance a bathroom with ultimate luxe. View our marble collection here