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A luxury aesthetic should never eclipse the need for quality, which is why all of our showers are crafted with premium-grade materials and components, ensuring the highest of standards are met while providing beautiful, attainable luxury for your bathroom. At Lusso, our shower collection is designed to cater for all spaces, big or small and with an extensive brassware selection to choose from, our showers can complete the space as a beautiful finishing touch. 


Choose from full shower enclosures, walk-in showers, shower screens or single shower sets, each that are reminiscent of those found in your favourite five star hotels.

Overhead Showers
3 Way Showers
Progressive Mixer Showers
Shower and Riser

Lusso shower sets are the epitome of luxury showering, designed to employ a spa-like aesthetic to residential and commercial bathrooms or suites. From walk-in enclosures to statement shower screens, our showers are designed to create a sense of opulence to your bathroom, and in our signature brassware finishes, are designed to offer cohesive styling with other accessories and taps of the same finish.

Walk in Enclosures
Shower Screens
Shower Sets
Luxury Wet Rooms




​Before you place your order, it’s always best to refer to the PDF download of the product(s). Lusso is not an installation provider, therefore you will need to source a fully qualified fitting company to install your shower. Prior to installation, you should have measured your space to ensure that your product(s) will fit. Always use the tip ‘measure twice, install once’! We also recommend receiving your delivery before booking in any installation.





All of our showers have been manufactured using a unique electroplating process. This involves using an electrical current to form a thin, coherent metal coating. Electroplating makes our showers durable and simple to maintain, although they are not scratch-proof, so care should still be taken to ensure maximum use and longevity out of your luxury brassware. See below our cleaning and care do’s and dont’s and download our cleaning guide here.

  • Use a soft, microfibre cloth with warm, soapy water to clean.

  • Use a mild limescale remover, such as Viakal, if you live in a hard water area and are having issues with limescale.

  • Ask your plumber to take care during installation, as this is the most likely time for scratches to occur.

  • Use abrasive cleaning materials or scouring pads on your brassware


Shower Screens

Our shower screens inject contemporary elegance into bathrooms, and in a range of signature Lusso finishes, they work beautifully in cohesion with our taps and showers. 

Shower Accessories

Our shower accessories are the perfect choice for neatly storing shower essentials, from shower shelves to soap dispensers in our beautiful brassware finishes. 

Shower Storage

The Lusso Stone shower storage boxes are clean, uncluttered and practical, providing a stylish point of storage in your bathroom.


Below we have answered some of the most common questions in relation to our showers. If you have any questions that we have not covered, please get in touch, customerservice@lussostone.com 

Q: What is a shower mixer tap?

A: A shower mixer tap combines both hot and cold water from the same spout. Mixer taps can aid in the reduction of water wastage, proven to be an efficient and sustainable way of showering.

Q: What is the difference between the 2-way shower and the 3-way shower?

A: The difference between these showers is that the 3-way version comes with a bath spout as well as the shower controls.

Q: Do you have to have the shower as pictured or can the parts be displayed in different positions?

A: You can have other parts of the shower such as the head or holder on any part of the wall. Your plumber would need additional pipework depending on how you would like to position it. 

Q: How do I fix the overhead shower into the wall? 

A: We only supply the parts for the outside of the wall, therefore your plumber would need to purchase or provide the plumbing parts needed, such as an elbow connection. 

Q: What is the difference between a mixer shower and a thermostatic shower? 

A: The difference between a mixer shower and a thermostatic shower is that a mixer will combine the hot and cold water to a set temperature whereas a thermostatic shower uses a pre-set thermostatic to keep the water temperature consistent. 

Q: What is an overhead shower?

A: An overhead shower is often referred to as a rainfall shower and typically contains a larger showerhead than other forms of shower. The overhead shower hangs over the head to offer a full showering experience, often favoured for its soft downpour of water. 

Explore the beautiful selection of showers at Lusso to achieve the ultimate experience in luxurious showering.