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Taps are a finishing feature that can effortlessly elevate your interior. Beautiful in appearance, yet functional in design, our selection of taps are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens. Whether it be a wall mounted tap to sit above your stone basin or a traditional freestanding tap to pair beautifully with a freestanding bath. Our bestselling Filtrata 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap is the perfect choice for kitchen interiors that gives you instant boiling water, filtered cold water and standard hot and cold water from one single spout.


Our selection of taps are essential additions to your home, whether it's a bathroom or kitchen design. Not only are they practical and versatile, but they also add the flawless finishing touch thanks to our signature colourway collections including; Brushed Gold, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, Polished Nickel, Matte White and more. See our brassware finishes here. Our taps are expertly crafted from solid brass to ensure superior quality and durability, making them both easy to use and efficient.


Depending on the aesthetic of your interior, the tap you choose will differ. All of our bathroom taps are fitted with Citec ceramic cartridges and Swiss-made Neoperl aerators to allow a smooth continuous water flow. Wall Mounted Taps are adorned above a bath or basin, built into the wall, and offer a contemporary appeal. Monobloc Taps are ideal for compact spaces, affixed directly to the basin. Elevate your kitchen interior with the selection of our Filtrata taps, single lever taps or pull-out taps that effortlessly enhance the look of your space.

Deck Mounted
Wall Mounted
Filtrata 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap

The Lusso range of taps come in a variety of different styles, shapes and sizes to suit all aesthetics and interiors, and are all finely crafted from a solid brass material to deliver the highest quality. Testament to our exceptionally renowned quality, our taps come with a 15 year guarantee. Our taps are constructed with high-performance features that are functional and practical while still remaining flawless and elegant. 


There are many reasons to invest in our brass taps, to make the decision easier for you we’ve rounded up our top points:


  • Our taps feature a Citec ceramic cartridge and Neoperl aerators to ensure continuous water flow .


  • Cleaning and caring for brassware is simple and easy to maintain yourself by simply using warm, soapy water. 


  • Our taps are crafted using electroplating to form a thin metal coating that is very hard wearing, durable and harder to scratch and damage.


As well as outstanding specifications, our range of taps come in a range of luxury, high-quality finishes. Each are designed to work cohesively with our other brassware accessories and hardware.

Chrome Taps
Brushed Stainless Taps
Brushed Gold Taps
Matte Black Taps
Gunmetal Taps
Rose Gold Taps
Matte White Taps
Marble Taps - The Porto Collection

We offer a number of delivery options at Lusso Stone, so shipping timescales will be dependent on the option you choose and the products you have purchased. You can track the status of your order as it progresses at lussostone.com/orders. It may take up to 48 hours from confirmation for your order to become active.



Before you place your order, it’s always best to refer to the PDF download of the product(s). Lusso are not an installation provider, therefore you will need to source a fully qualified fitting company to install your taps. Prior to installation, you should have measured your space to ensure that your product(s) will fit. Always use the tip ‘measure twice, install once’! We also recommend receiving your delivery before booking in any installation.



All of our taps have been manufactured using a unique electroplating process. This involves using an electrical current to form a thin, coherent metal coating. Electroplating makes our taps durable and simple to maintain, although they are not scratch-proof, so care should still be taken to ensure maximum use and longevity out of your luxury brassware. See below our cleaning and care dos and don'ts:

  • Use a soft, microfibre cloth with warm, soapy water to clean.

  • Use a mild limescale remover, such as Viakal, if you live in a hard water area and are having issues with limescale.

  • Ask your plumber to take care during installation, as this is the most likely time for scratches to occur.

  • Use abrasive cleaning materials or scouring pads on your taps.

Achieve your desired bathroom or kitchen theme with our collection of premium-grade taps. Each are designed to the highest of standards and in a selection of beautiful brassware finishes and styles, each can be incorporated into many interior themes, from industrial and modern to 1920s glamour. Browse the collection of Lusso Taps.


Complete your tapware with the below essentials and recommended products.


Extra Filter

The Lusso Extra Filter is a carbon filter that should be replaced every six months in order to protect your tank from limescale build up. The extra filter is essential to ensure that you remove limescale, magnesium and particles as well as lead, protozoan, cysts and organic compounds.


Lusso Refillable Glass Water Bottle

Great for on-the-go or for at-home use, the Lusso glass drinking bottle is the perfect plastic alternative, demonstrating how to eliminate single-use plastics with an eco-friendly reusable glass bottle. This bottle is great for using with our signature Filtrata tap to dispense filtered cold water for on the go. 


Our experienced customer service representative, David, has answered some of the most common questions relating to bath installation. If you have any questions that we may not have covered, please get in touch: customerservice@lussostone.com

Basin Taps 

Q: What is a Monobloc tap? 

A: A monobloc tap is a mixer tap, meaning that both hot and cold water feeds enter the base. The tap itself consists of one or two handles and a spout, all in one sleek unit.

Q: How do you install a wall mounted basin tap? 

A: We recommend a qualified plumber install this product. You can read our installation guide here.

Q: What is the difference between mixer and monobloc taps? 

A: Monobloc taps are adorned directly to a basin, they allow hot and cold water to run from one single design. Whereas wall mounted taps sit above a basin and come with a tap spout and a single lever. They also save space and create a clean look. 

Q: How high should wall mounted taps be positioned above a basin? 

A: We do not have a recommended height for the tap to be installed above the basin, it is down to personal preference, on average customers will usually install this between 150-200mm above the basin.

Bath Taps

Q: Where do taps go with a freestanding bath?

A: With our freestanding baths, you have the option of using either wall mounted taps or freestanding taps.

Q: How do I fit a floorstanding bath tap? 

 A: The fixing points should be marked when the tap is fully tightened and secured. If this is not completed correctly the tap is at risk of the tap disconnecting and will need refitting. 

Q: Do all taps fit freestanding baths? 

A: Our Wall Mounted Taps, Floorstanding Taps, Porto Bath Fillers and Deco Deck Mounted Tap are all suitable for freestanding baths. 

Kitchen Taps

Q: What is a pull out kitchen tap?

A: A pull out tap has a spout on the end that simply allows the user to pull it out to aim the water where preferred around the basin/sink. 

Q: What are the different types of kitchen taps?

A: We supply a selection of different kitchen taps including our Filtrata 4 in 1 Boiling Water Tap, pull out mixer taps and single lever mixer taps.

Q: Are kitchen taps a standard size? 

A: Not all taps are the same size, they vary in dimension and spout length.

General Tap Enquiries

Q: Are matte black taps hard to clean?

A: All of our brassware finishes follow the same cleaning and care processes. Please see our cleaning tips here.

Q: Can I adjust the flow of my water on my tap?

A: Yes, each tap is built with a Neoperl aerator at the end of the spout, however they can be easily removed to adjust the flow of water. 


Q: Can my tap handle be fitted either side?

A: The handle and spout can be fitted on either side of valve as long as a plumber adjust it accordingly.