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We offer a wide range of Rimless Toilets that add a touch of contemporary to your bathroom. The modern design allows effortless cleaning, reduced bacteria build-up and a clear improvement on hygiene levels. Innovative and superior, our rimless toilets are crafted with expert quality and offer comfort and convenience. Thanks to its soft closing and quick release seat, rimless hygienic system and Cermatte Technology. Built with a direct flush that leaves a radiant bowl, all our rimless toilets come with flush plates in one of our signature colourways; brushed gold, matte black and brushed stainless. They are the perfect fitting for a luxury, minimal interior that embraces modern grandeur.

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  • A rimless toilet shoots water around the basin, rather than redistributing water thanks to the direct flush technique.

  • The direct flush washes the whole toilet pan quickly, effectively and more economically.

  • Due to its Rimless Hygenic System cleaning is significantly easier, as it avoids bacteria build-up.

  • Ultra slim profile saves space

  • Correct installation is essential - If the flush flow valve is not properly positioned, water could splash over the side of the toilet.

  • The low position of the drain tank can lead to potentially low water energy.


We offer a number of delivery options at Lusso Stone, so shipping timescales will be dependent on the option you choose and the products you have purchased. You can track the status of your order as it progresses at lussostone.com/orders. It may take up to 48 hours from confirmation for your order to become active.



  • Before you even place your order, be sure to refer to the sizing information on the PDF download of your product. 

  • We are not an installation company – you will need to source a fully qualified fitting company.

  • Be sure to measure your bathroom thoroughly before placing your order to ensure your product will fit. Measure twice, install once!

  • We recommend that you wait until your product has arrived safely before booking in your installation.



Crafted from a superior ceramic material and coated in a high-quality matte-satin Ceramatte ™ or sheer polished finish, our rimless toilets require regular cleaning to maintain its immaculate state. Fitted with a Rimless Hygienic System for easier cleaner and less bacteria build up. The easy-to-clean toilet can be simply cared for in a couple of easy steps. Any water stains can be removed with a damp cloth and warm, soapy water can be used with a clean cloth to simply clean the interior and exterior. You should disinfect the toilet occasionally with diluted bleach to avoid any residue build-up. Once all cleaning is complete you should wipe the surface of the toilet down with a dry cloth.

  • Remove water marks with a damp cloth

  • Use soapy water to remove any residue

  • Disinfect occasionally with diluted bleach

  • Rinse thoroughly and wipe dry after all cleaning

  • Use abrasive products or cloths on stone resin

  • Keep any hot products near your toilet, items such as hair straighteners or tongs could damage the stone resin.


Accessory Packs


We've designed our accessory packs to be the perfect companions to our toilets and brassware. The packs contain a toilet roll holder, robe towel hook, towel bar rail and toilet brush. 

Concealed Dual Flush Cistern

Our concealed cisterns are compatible with our back to wall toilets, great for enhancing a contemporary bathroom. Choose from a range of flush plates in our bestselling brassware finishes.

Concealed Dual Flush Cistern & Frame 

The Lusso concealed cistern & frame is compatible with wall hung toilets and with a selection of flush plates to choose from, works beautifully with other Lusso brassware.

Toilet Accessories

If you don't want to purchase the full accessory pack, our toilet accessories can be puchased separately, including toilet brushes and toilet roll holders that are each available in our signature finishes, from rose gold to matte black.


Our experienced customer service team leader Lee has answered some of the most common questions relating to vanity units. If you have any questions that we may not have covered, please get in touch: customerservice@lussostone.com.

Q: What are rimless toilets?

A: Rimless toilets look similar to traditional toilets in appearance, however it’s the underneath that is different. They are constructed without a rim inside the bowl which makes it easier to clean. 


Q: Do rimless toilets splash more?

A: Thanks to the direct flush mechanism water will not splash about, as it washes the whole toilet pan quickly and effectively. 


Q: Are rimless toilets more hygienic?

A: Yes, our rimless toilets are fitted with a Rimless Hygenic System that creates a continuous flow of water around the bowl and eliminates any unwanted build-up of bacteria and limescale. 


Q: What’s the difference between a rimless toilet and a traditional toilet?

A: Traditional toilets feature a rim to the interior pan which means water distributes from underneath the rim to dispose of waste. Whereas rimless toilets, do not require a rim due to their direct flush mechanism that flushes water around the whole toilet pan. 


Q: What is the benefit of a rimless toilet?

A: Our rimless toilets are available in a wide range of wall hung and back to wall designs, all constructed with advanced technology. Including a direct flush that makes it easier to clean, a Rimless Hygenic System that prevents bacteria build-up, an ultra slim build that saves space, and a soft closing, quick release seat for comfort. It also enhances the interior and creates a contemporary space. 


Q: How long do rimless toilets last?

A: The superior quality and innovative technology of our rimless toilets are designed to last a lifetime without fault. Testament to this, our toilets come with a 25 year guarantee to ensure the longevity. 

Q: What is a Japanese toilet? 

A: A Japanese toilet is a product of superior innovation and is also known as the smart toilet. The interactive smart toilet enables its user to control the toilet from a remote device, controlling its various functions from a single control, including warm air drying, water flow and air temperature. 


Q: What functions does the Lusso Intellismart Japanese Toilet have?

A: The Lusso Intellismart Toilet features include rear washing, lady washing, adjustable water flow, warm air drying, adjustable air temperature, and an LED night light. The toilet also enables you to set a user-mode for up to two people. 


Q: What are the benefits of a Japanese toilet?

A: The Japanese toilet is eco-friendly, more hygienic than using toilet paper and is the perfect alternative for those with mobility issues. The level of cleanliness achieved from a Japanese toilet is superior in comparison to traditional toilet models and as well as this, the reduction in plumbing costs due to blockages are of high significance, as no toilet paper flushing eliminates the cause of blockages. 


Q: Is the Japanese toilet efficient?

A:  The Japanese toilet and its outstanding innovation ensures that you’re contributing to the reduction of one of the most nonrenewable resources - toilet paper. Although water is the main resource of the Japanese toilet, it’s estimated that the manufacturing of toilet paper still uses a significantly higher amount of water than the flushing of a Japanese toilet.  


Q: What styles do the Japanese toilets come in?

A: The Lusso Japanese Toilets are available in back-to-wall and wall-mounted designs and come with a selection of different flush plate finishes, including brushed gold and matte black.


Q: How hygienic is the Intellismart Toilet?

A: The Lusso Intellismart Toilet is unparalleled in hygiene, offering a rimless design that instantly improves cleanliness levels as opposed to those that have a rim. The toilet contains a deodoriser function, a removable toilet seat for easy cleaning as well as an antibacterial nozzle, and an automatic self-cleaning nozzle.  


The innovative technology and fine craftsmanship of rimless toilets brings practicality and functionality, as well as a beautiful aesthetic. Whether it be our advanced Intellismart toilet or our sleek black Nera toilets. Browse our full collection of rimless toilets here