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Vanity units are a beautiful focal point of any bathroom interior. Not only are they stunning in appearance, but practical and versatile too. The perfect space saving solution, our selection of vanity units provide sufficient storage space to allow a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Designed to fit all aesthetics and interiors, our range includes; matte and polished stone, Pietra marble and FSC certified wood along with traditional styles from our Deco collection. All finely crafted with expertise and superior quality to ensure long-lasting investment. Whether it be wall hung or freestanding, our vanities can be paired with our luxury countertop basins or choose a built in option for ease.

Freestanding Vanity Units
Wall Hung Vanity Units
Double Vanity Units
Cloakroom Vanity Units
Traditional Vanity Units

We offer a number of delivery options at Lusso Stone, so shipping timescales will be dependent on the option you choose and the products you have purchased. You can track the status of your order as it progresses at lussostone.com/orders. It may take up to 48 hours from confirmation for your order to become active.

If you require made to measure bathroom products, we can provide items matching your specifications. For more info on our bespoke service, please send a message through our contact form or speak to one of our expert advisors on 0203 370 4057 or email at info@lussostone.com with details of your bathroom project.


Our Vanity Units are all crafted to the highest standards, with superior quality and expert craftsmanship. Our luxurious materials include globally sourced marble, our exclusive stone resin and FSC certified wood. Each sourced in keeping to Lusso’s sustainable principles, our materials ensure durability and superior strength so that your vanity unit will last the years.


Influenced by some of the world’s most affluent hotels and resorts, our vanity units have been designed to offer similar luxury, incorporating signature opulence in material, colour and style. Our vanity units are available in a range of beautiful finishes to perfectly suit many home themes, from contemporary homes in favour of our matte white stone to more dramatic spaces that feature black or anthracite grey. Explore the Lusso range of vanity units, perfect for cohesive styling with Lusso brassware and accessories.

Matte White
Polished White  
Traditional Vanity Units



  • All vanities must be installed onto finished surfaces by a fully qualified plumber. 

  • What you will need: electric drill, drill bit, tape measure, spirit level, pencil, bathroom non-acidic silicone, screw driver. 

  • Measure on the wall exactly where the vanity unit will be placed.

  • When installing a countertop basin on a stone top it must be siliconed on and caulked around the basin and stone top once dry. 

  • All fixing screws must fix through the wall into horizontal noggin to ensure the vanity is held securely. 

  • Check that the water is flowing freely into your basin area by turning on the water supply and mixer tap. 





Protecting and cleaning your vanity unit frequently is paramount to its longevity. To ensure you get the most luxurious experience out of your vanity unit it’s important to follow the correct aftercare. Depending on the material of the vanity unit each cleaning process will differ. To maintain its original immaculate state, our vanity units should be cleaned at least once a week with a damp cloth and warm, soapy water. A selection of vanities are built with a stone basin that should be cared for the same way as the cabinet unit. Others feature marble tops or basins that require more intricate cleaning. Tend to any spillages immediately as liquids can be absorbed easily, avoid scrubbing harshly and clean with mild diluted cleaner and light pressure.

  • Regularly clean with a damp cloth and warm

      soapy water.

  • Do not use concentrated bleach, tar shampoo

      or scouring powders.

  • Clean at least once a week, rinsed with water

      and dried with a soft cloth.

  • Do not use acidic cleaners such as,               

      vinegar and lemon juice.

  • Cleaning products can be used following the

      correct instructions - avoid using on marble tops.

  • Never use strong detergents or abrasive

      cleaners as they may damage the surface.

  • Attend to spillages immediately.

  • Avoid leaving heat appliances such as hair

      dryers on units as this will leave stains. 


Basin Wastes 

 Our basin wastes are essential components and are available in a selection of matte and polished finishes with a range of tones to suit your Lusso vanity unit.


Our stone resin upstands are the perfect partner for your Lusso vanity unit, designed to prevent splashback marks on your surrounding walls and surfaces.

Stone Cleaner

This product will automatically enhance and refresh the look of your product in one simple operation, and given the correct aftercare, your Lusso Stone product should last you many years to come.


Our experienced customer service team leader Lee has answered some of the most common questions relating to vanity units. If you have any questions that we may not have covered, please get tin touch: customerservice@lussostone.com

Q: What is a vanity unit used for? 

A: A vanity unit is designed to store bathroom essentials, built with a basin to allow water flow from concealed drain pipes. 


Q: What are vanity units made of?

A: Our vanity units are crafted from various materials including stone resin, marble and FSC certified wood. 


Q: What height should a vanity be?

A: The height of a vanity unit is down to personal preference, A benefit of wall hung vanities is that you can place it at whichever height you require. 


Q: What sizes are available? 

A: Our sizes range from 200mm all the way up to 2000mm. Including single vanity units and double vanity units. 


Q: What is the difference between freestanding and wall hung vanities?

A: The significant difference between wall hung and freestanding vanities is that wall hung designs are mounted into the wall with clean space underneath, whereas freestanding units are stood alone and built with the support of leg frames. 

Q: What is the difference between double and single vanities?

A: A single vanity unit double vanity units sizes start from 1200mm up until 2000mm in width whereas single vanity units can be a lot smaller in size with a selection of larger sizes ranging from 600mm-2000mm. Our double vanity units consist of two basins and more underneath space storage, ideal for a family bathroom, whereas single vanities hold one basin perfect for a compact space.


Our luxury vanity units are guaranteed investments, perfect for providing sufficient storage space with a clean, uncluttered aesthetic. Whether it be a wall hung, freestanding or double vanity unit. You can find our selection of vanity units here